Elen Callahan is a fervent supporter of the arts and culture of the Philippines, with a specific focus on strengthening Filipino American relations and communities in the Carolinas. With an extensive background in finance and operations spanning nearly three decades, including the last four years at a non-profit organization, Elen brings a wealth of expertise to the challenges inherent in non-profit initiatives and the complexities of orchestrating successful not-for-profit events. Her unique blend of experience and passion enhances our collective efforts to promote cultural awareness and community resilience in the Carolinas.

Chiara Cox is an advocate of sustainable legacies, an artist, and published author. She is also the Music and Art Ambassador of her local Filipino American community and works to promote and elevate Filipino culture. For almost two decades, Chiara's work has focused on protecting and safeguarding cultural and natural heritage, on social, economic and political inclusion, on free quality education, and on the health and well being of all families. She enjoys grassroots community engagement, networking with a diverse group of people, logistical planning for and creating events to educate the community on various topics. 

Elen and Chiara make a Filipino American impresario team in the Carolinas. They dedicate their teamwork to their grandmothers who rooted them both to the Philippines. Both experienced tremendous loss when their grandmothers passed away and both thereafter discovered an inner yearning to learn more about their heritage. They found in each other a kindred Filipino spirit to share in their goal to promote world class Filipino events in the Carolinas. Together, they: